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We received our Torah in 1985, David Draisen was president of the Temple at that time. 
Our part time Rabbi wanted the Temple to obtain additional Torah scrolls. 
At that time, we only had one that was brought to the US by David’s maternal grandmother, Rachel Leah Poliakoff. 
David wrote 2 letters to the Memorial Scrolls Trust( Lois has those in the archives).

This Torah (also known as MST#923), was written in the 19th century and is from the town of Dolni Kounice, 24km SW of Brno, the capital of Moravia. 
First traces of the Jewish settlement in Dolní Kounice are from second half of 15th century and a synagogue was first mentioned in 1581. 
A new one was been built in the middle of the new ghetto in 1652–1655 in the Baroque style and is one of the oldest synagogues in Moravia. 
In the early 1940s, Nazis closed down the synagogue and after the war the building was used as storehouse. 
In 1991 it was returned, as a part of restitutions, to the Jewish community in Brno. In 1994 the synagogue was fully restored.

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Sixtieth Anniversary Events

Click on the links below to view the videos of the 60th Anniversary of the Memorial Scrolls Trust.

Savannah Torah Scroll Gathering  

Westminster Torah Scroll Gathering *

* This video from Westminster has a 17 minute delay.  When you open the link you can move the scroll,  
( the red dot)  until the timer shows 17:25 and the screen no long says 'you are cordially invited'.
You will see the audience filing in and hear the Rabbi begin.

Czech Scrolls at Westminster Synagogue - 60 in '24


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